Financial Education

Financial Education Contact Why is your financial education conference not the right place to be?

Why is your financial education conference not the right place to be?

Financial education conference attendance is down.

Many schools have shut down or are facing financial problems.

WSJ’s Greg Ip explains what’s behind this.

WSJO’s Ryan S. Dombrowski explains why.

WSJs David Chalian explains what is going on at these financial education conferences.

WSJC’s Josh B. Steinman and Lauren P. McAlpin discuss why some financial education programs are closed.

WSJD’s Scott H. Rolston and Michael B. Williams discuss what’s happening at these events.

WSJB’s Karen Koehler and Matthew C. Jones discuss what the financial education industry is saying about the conference.

WSJJ’s Emily Zahn and Matt B. Davis discuss the conference’s agenda.

WSJA’s David M. Cimini and Emily M. Zahn discuss the financial services industry’s reaction to the conference and the future of financial education.

WSJM’s Emily M., Alex F. and Michael P. Hochman discuss the role financial education can play in the lives of families and young people.

WSKL’s Michael S. Ostermeier and Laura H. Boren discuss the impact of financial literacy training on the workforce.

WSKB’s Sarah S. Burt and Brian F. Burch discuss how parents can help their children with financial literacy.

WSLN’s Scott C. Dolan and Rebecca A. McLean discuss how financial education and job training can make a difference for families.

WSOB’s Kelly R. Johnson and Jessica R. Anderson discuss the recent financial education funding crisis.

WSOC’s Amy B. Karp and John F. Dovidio discuss the rise of student loan debt in the U.S. and how student loan repayment rates are trending upward.

WSOV-TV’s Lisa R. Mihalik and Mike L. Goss discuss how they’re planning to use the conference to address their concerns.

WSOT-TV in New York’s WCBS-TV and WGME-TV discuss the state of financial and accounting education in New England.

WSVE-TV of Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County’s KSL-TV-5 report on the conference, as well as a video of a talk by financial education expert, Jeffrey Siegel, which has been viewed more than 20 million times.

WSVS-TVs KSL in Provo, Utah, and KSL News in Salt Lake report on financial education in Utah.

WSXN in Phoenix reports on the financial and financial education community in Arizona.

WSYV-TV NewsChannel 5’s Lisa Osterman and John W. Miller discuss the health of the financial industry.

WSZV in St. Louis reports on financial and economic education in St Louis.

WSW-TV reported that there were more than 2,500 people at the conference in New Orleans.


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