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Financial Education Contact Why do some Indian schools not teach the basics of the financial education sector?

Why do some Indian schools not teach the basics of the financial education sector?

The educational financial systems of India have not been up to the mark, with a large proportion of the students enrolled not getting the basic financial skills to help them succeed in the market.

According to a survey done by a company called Akpk Financial Education Pvt Ltd, the number of financial literacy tests done in schools has gone down from nearly 30 lakhs in 2013-14 to less than 6 lakhs.

The number of students getting basic financial knowledge has gone up from just 3.2 lakhs to more than 11 lakhs, while the amount of cash required for basic financial education has increased from just Rs. 1,000 in 2013 to Rs. 2,500 in 2017.

This is not a problem for the most of the people in the country, the survey said.

“While a small number of our students are learning the basics, many are not.

Many of them don’t have access to bank accounts, credit cards, mobile phones or credit cards to access finance services,” said Manu Srivastava, CEO, Akpks Financial Education.

He said the educational financial institutions are trying to create an atmosphere of confidence among students.

“Our schools have also been teaching students basic financial literacy.

This gives them a foundation to think about how to manage money,” he said.

But there are those who question whether basic financial educational systems are really effective for helping people get out of poverty.

“Basic financial education is not effective for the majority of people, and even the students who do get basic financial learning, do not get it because they are not educated in the financial sector,” said Pradeep Kumar, co-founder of Akpkt, a financial education company.

According the Akpkinks Financial Services, in a country where there are more than 1.5 billion people, nearly 90 per cent of them do not have access the basic banking and financial literacy skills to get money.

“We are also hearing that financial education courses do not help the students get out from poverty, because they do not learn how to use a credit card,” said Kumar.


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