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Financial Education Contact Why do parents choose teachers to manage their child’s finances?

Why do parents choose teachers to manage their child’s finances?

Posted October 17, 2018 08:53:54 Parents are often reluctant to change their financial arrangements when it comes to their children, with some saying they have already decided.

A new study from Australian and New Zealand universities has found parents with children under the age of two are more likely to opt for financial management from a parent or guardian rather than a professional.

The study, published online in the journal Child Development, also found parents in Australia and New York were more likely than other countries to be more willing to give their child a financial plan than those in other countries.

The authors of the study, Dr Kate MacLellan and Dr Andrew Wills from the University of New South Wales, said the findings were in line with previous research showing that parents were more willing than those of other ages to give financial support to their kids.

They said parents were most likely to have a plan in place to manage the child’s spending.

“It’s an important distinction, and one that’s difficult to convey in public,” Dr MacLillan said.

“We’re not saying we’re not going to do it, but there’s a lot of nuance there.”

The study also found some parents were reluctant to accept financial management.

Dr Wills said some parents had not been particularly keen on the idea of changing their child to a professional, but it wasn’t necessarily their decision.

“Parents are much more likely if they are a financial and health-related decision maker than a financial one, so it’s a case of people choosing to do the best thing for their child,” Dr Wins said.

The research also found that parents who were not financial and medical decision makers were less likely to want to give money to their child.

“There’s a real sense of stigma associated with this issue, and there’s also the possibility that some parents may not feel comfortable with their financial decisions made by a child’s primary carer,” Dr Wilson said.

Parents are also less likely than others to accept child care arrangements.

Dr Maclellan said parents with young children were much less likely in the survey to want their child care, compared to those with older children.

“For many parents, they’re looking for an option that is relatively affordable,” she said.

Dr Wilson also found the preference for financial support for younger children was particularly strong.

“The preference for older children for financial resources is quite strong,” he said.

One way parents are likely to choose to pay for child care is by choosing an online or in-person payment plan, which has the advantage of not requiring them to take out a loan.

Dr Sivaramiah, from the School of Public Health at the University Of Queensland, said one of the main reasons parents chose to do this was that they wanted to be able to keep the financial arrangement for themselves.

“If you have a financial arrangement that you’re happy with, you’re not just getting this money out of your pocket, you also have this ability to keep that arrangement,” she explained.

“When you’re paying for child support, the money that you pay goes straight into your child’s savings, so there’s no need to go out and spend more money.”

The authors hope the findings will encourage parents to reconsider the choice of financial support when it came to their own child’s education.”

One reason is that the financial cost of childcare can be very high, so parents are trying to save money to pay the bills.”

The authors hope the findings will encourage parents to reconsider the choice of financial support when it came to their own child’s education.


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