Financial Education

Financial Education Introduction When you have to pay for college: A new school of thought

When you have to pay for college: A new school of thought

Fargo, N.D. — It’s hard to say when a teacher’s first day of teaching at the Fargo Public School will end.

But the district is looking to find a new way to address one of the biggest challenges facing the district: the rising costs of tuition and fees.

Fargo is one of more than 40 districts across the country grappling with the cost of education.

Teachers across the state have faced the financial hit.

The district is now trying to change that by opening a new school to provide more funding to low-income families.

The school will be called Cadence, a reference to Cadence Financial Services, which has a parent company.

The idea came about because teachers have been asked to teach at the high school, which is at the southern end of the Fargo district.

It will be part of the same district where students also attend St. John’s Community College.

Beth Pendergast, a professor at the school, said it was important to open the school in Fargo because students in the Fargo community already attend the school.

She said students in Fargo are often the only ones who get to go to college, and some parents don’t have the resources to pay.

Pendergaster said a new college could help ease that financial burden for parents.

“We’ve seen a lot of families that are struggling, and the college is a way for them to be able to do that,” she said.

The college is also looking to get into the school of learning that other states have been doing for years.

New York State is opening up new education funds to help schools open their doors to students who are struggling.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the funds would go toward new technology to help students in rural communities prepare for college.

Cadence Financial will use the funds to make more instructional videos, such as a “learning video” that gives parents a more personalized education about college, said David W. McLeod, vice president of enrollment management for Cadence.

In addition to making the videos, Cadence will be working to improve the school’s online offerings.

That’s what students are expected to do as they enroll, McLeod said.

If a parent can’t afford to pay, they’ll find an online college.

If they can’t pay, then they’ll get to pay with their student ID.

That will be available for students who aren’t eligible to pay and who enroll with their parents, he said.

“We’re not asking parents to pay,” McLeod told The Associated Press.

“We’re asking parents if they want to pay.”

The school also hopes to help parents enroll in college through scholarships and other financial aid programs.

The new school will offer a full-tuition, four-year plan.

The Fargo school will have an enrollment cap of 500 students.

“The school is going to be one of those that is open to students from all backgrounds,” McLean said.

Fargo officials said they’ve worked to help families who are low- or middle-income with tuition and fee payments for the new school.

McLeod said students at the new college will be able use online courses such as online courses on finance.


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