Financial Education

Financial Education Introduction What it’s like to be an ‘advisory financial educator’

What it’s like to be an ‘advisory financial educator’

The Financial Education Association (FEA) is the nation’s largest association of financial educators.

But the group is also one of the most diverse in the country, and its members include students, parents, teachers, and financial professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds.

As part of its diversity, the FEA has a long history of working with the federal government to ensure that students are able to access the most comprehensive, best-practice financial education available.

Today, FEA’s mission is to promote financial education through partnerships with universities and non-profit organizations.

Today’s episode of The Talk With Katie Couric explores the different kinds of financial education that are offered through the FEAs diverse network of educators.

The conversation includes:The history of the FEAAAs membership and the role it plays in educating students.

The role that the financial education community has played in the development of financial literacy in the U.S.

Today, the financial educational community has begun to embrace the concept of financial responsibility and its benefits to society.

The financial education industry is one of those industries that is growing, but also faces significant challenges as it continues to evolve.

This episode will delve into the financial literacy journey that the FEAds members have been on over the past decade.

As financial education continues to develop, there are many different types of financial management that are needed to understand and prepare students for the job market.

The best financial education can serve both students and employers well.

This conversation will explore how the FEAD community and other industry players can work together to improve the way that students prepare for financial success.

The financial education world is full of challenges.

But when we have a diverse community of financial experts who share our passion for teaching students to prepare for their careers, we are going to have the most successful financial education ever.


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