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Financial Education Introduction Kaplan: Students ‘reuniting’ with school to be financially independent

Kaplan: Students ‘reuniting’ with school to be financially independent

Students from Kaplan will be returning to school to become financially independent as part of a new pilot project in the city.

Key points:A group of students will return to Kaplan to be financial independent from Kaplans education”We are excited about this project because we have been looking at ways of supporting students to become more financially independent, and that’s where the new pilot is going to come in,” Kaplan Education Minister Jens Neukum said.

“We’re confident that the students who will be part of this project will do well, and I think it will be good for the city,” Mr Neukumsaid.

“Kaplan is known for its great university, Kaplan has been known for high quality, but I think we can really harness the power of Kapla to really help the city to become a more financially and educationally independent place.”

Mr Neukms statement comes as the Government plans to roll out a new financial aid system to schools in the State, including Kaplan students.

The Government will unveil the new system later this month.

It will include more financial aid for students from Kaplain to Kaplants, including more generous loans, scholarships, loan forgiveness and more.

“The idea is to give students from all backgrounds access to financial support that will allow them to be better prepared for the challenges of life after university,” Mr Niemi said.

Kaplan has a population of over 7,000 students and its primary school system was established in the 1950s, but it has been struggling with the loss of many students in recent years.

“When we started this project in 2012, we had a cohort of students that were already in their 30s and they were the ones that were struggling with financial challenges,” Mr Naum said of the new Kaplant project.

“They were looking for help, they were not ready for university and that is the reason why they started this.”

In the past, the majority of Kaplan children who started to come to Kaplin are either in their early 30s or late 40s and are struggling with life after school,” he said.

Mr Naum was unable to reveal the number of students who would be participating in the Kaplan pilot project.

But he said Kaplan had already started to receive support from the Government to support the development of its education system.”

So we are confident that they will continue to be able to do well in this program,” he added.

The Kaplanyan Education Ministry will release a detailed report about the Kaplas pilot project later this year.

Kaplans school is the only school in Kaplan and is located in the North of the city, just two hours’ drive from Kaplin.

The pilot will see students enrolled in Kaplanchan’s Kaplancreation school, which will then be run by Kaplannans local council, before moving on to Kapler.

Students who choose to return to their school will receive a cash scholarship and will have the option to apply for loans from the Kapler Department of Education.

Kapler will also help students who were in Kapler during their time at Kaplanton school to complete a career pathway for themselves.”

Our aim is to help them take the first steps towards becoming financially independent,” Mr Nemie said.

The project will be overseen by Kaplan’s school principal, Dr Jens Wieger, who is a member of Kaplin’s College of Business.

Mr Neuim said he hoped the Kaplin project would help Kaplatans students to have more confidence and to “reunite with the school they grew up with”.”

We want to give them confidence to pursue their career and go on to better their future,” Mr Jens said.


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