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Financial Education Course Questions How to make money online with a financial education channel

How to make money online with a financial education channel

TechCrunch readers, beware!

It’s time to reconsider your career, financial education network, or any other way to make a living online.

According to a recent survey conducted by financial education company Discharge Financial Education Network, about a quarter of respondents said they’ve made less than $100 per month since starting an online job.

In the last year, that number rose to over half of respondents.

The majority of those surveyed also reported making less than a year’s salary at the end of 2016.

The survey’s findings don’t just reflect how much money you’ve made on your job search, they also reflect how many people are making less money on the job.

For instance, a significant majority of respondents (68%) reported making between $30,000 and $40,000 per year in their careers as a financial educator, and more than half of them (56%) reported earning less than the $25,000 that’s considered a median salary for a full-time financial educator.

Discharge’s survey also revealed a surprising number of people who were paid less than their full-timers, like the average full-timer who made less at the start of the year than the average worker earning $50,000 or less, and the average salary for someone working on a full time basis.

In fact, most respondents said the biggest barrier to making more money online was the lack of a financial institution that offers them the tools they need to do their job well, and they reported being more likely to take out a loan than to put down a deposit.

“Many people are still reluctant to put money aside and use their bank accounts, and we hear that frustration from a lot of people when they are trying to get started,” said Discharge founder and CEO Robby Grossman in a statement.

“We wanted to make sure we addressed this and that we could provide the tools people needed to make the most of the jobs they are currently in.

It was important to us that people understand that there are resources that can help people get a handle on how to get more money.”

You can learn more about Discharge and the financial education channels they provide by visiting their website.


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