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Financial Education Introduction How to apply for a financial education franchise with Crypto Coins

How to apply for a financial education franchise with Crypto Coins

Crypto Coins has partnered with its financial education affiliate (CEFI) to offer financial education services in the Philippines, and the Philippine financial institutions have now opened their doors to the crypto currency exchange.

In a statement, CEFI Vice President and CEO Richard J. Lee said that the partnership with Crypto Coin will allow the organization to offer a variety of financial education programs in the country, and allow it to grow the financial education industry and its ecosystem.

He added that the CEFI is looking forward to expanding the platform to other financial institutions and other parts of the world, and that the program is open to any accredited institution that is interested in accepting Crypto Coins.

The new partnership will be a boon for the Philippines financial institutions, who have long struggled to attract students, employees and students to their institutions.

They are still waiting for the launch of a financial aid program, which they have been waiting for since the government began cracking down on the sector in 2015.

With the new partnership, Crypto Coin is hoping to increase its enrollment and revenue in the financial institutions’ networks.

Lee noted that the new program will not affect their existing financial aid programs.

Lee said that Crypto Coin expects to receive its first payment in the first quarter of 2018.

Lee told the Philippine Star that the company will expand its financial aid offerings to other regions, including Singapore and India, and said that it is also planning to expand its program to other countries in the future.

He said that they have also started a collaboration with the Ministry of Education to launch financial education courses in the 2018-2019 academic year, which will include courses in English, Hindi, Tagalog, Spanish and Portuguese.

He further added that they will be looking to expand the program to a third country, as well, once the government completes its financial-aid reforms.

Lee added that Crypto is committed to expanding its financial institutions presence in the Philippine market, adding that the platform will be open to other local institutions, such as the Bank of America Manila and Philippine National Bank.

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Source: CoinTelegraph


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