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Financial Education Contact ‘Disappointing’ new college graduates have less access to financial education

‘Disappointing’ new college graduates have less access to financial education

A growing number of recent graduates who graduated from top-tier universities are unable to access the kind of financial education they needed for their jobs.

University graduates have long been in demand, with the average earning potential of an undergraduate graduate now around $200,000, according to a report from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

The report found that for most graduates, they had little financial resources for college, even if they had attended the university.

And, although most had received some financial aid, it was not enough.

“The average student is still unable to find the appropriate support and training they need to complete their degree,” the report said.

Students were also unable to meet their financial goals.

A growing number have also been left out of tertiary education altogether.

They are now finding it hard to access financial help when they are ready to enter the workforce.

While it’s hoped the Government will make financial aid available to all university graduates, the problem is far from solved.

For some, it’s not just a financial issue.

More than half of those surveyed said they were concerned about the future financial health of the industry, according the report.

Many graduates said they had become disillusioned with the financial aid system.

This lack of financial support for students in the industry is becoming a serious problem.

According to the Australian Business Group for Students, the number of students from the sector who are currently receiving support has fallen from 5% to 2%.

It’s not the first time the sector has been hit by a lack of resources.

In July 2016, the industry had a record low intake of students and staff.

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