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Financial Education Introduction Banzai Financial Education: The Future of the Internet’s Financial Education Market

Banzai Financial Education: The Future of the Internet’s Financial Education Market

By Daniel Boesch | 10:00am PT | Updated 10:02am PT Read moreAs the first company to launch a financial education platform in India, Banzai Finance has made a name for itself with its ambitious goal to create a platform that could revolutionise the way students learn and make the world a better place.

As the company’s CEO says, “I believe in the transformative power of learning and I think learning can change the world.”

In an interview with Fortune, Banza Financial Education CEO Ravi Kapoor shared his vision for a financial educational platform that would revolutionise education and enable students to have more impact on the world.

Banzai Finance started as a project of former investment banker Ravi Gupta, who is now Banzai founder and CEO.

Gupta was initially in talks with companies such as Flipkart, Uber, Amazon and others but ultimately decided to build Banzai after watching the success of the B2B financial education platforms such as Coursera and Khan Academy.

In his latest interview with Forbes, Kapoor said that the company was in the early stages of its funding rounds and would soon launch its product, which is based on the Khan Academy platform.

Kapoor said he was very excited about the opportunity to build a new platform for financial education.

“The challenge is to make it easy to learn,” he said.

“We are aiming at giving a platform for students that is accessible to the entire family and that is open for all.”

Billionaire investors including Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Amancio Ortega, and Mark Cuban have poured money into the startup, but Kapoor is confident that Banzai will be able to overcome any obstacle.

Banza Finance is the first venture from an Indian-based financial education company to receive funding from a large VC fund.

Kapoor added that the funding was a big validation for the platform, and the startup is looking forward to launching the platform in the coming weeks.

Banzafl is the only financial education startup in India and is the world’s leading provider of financial education and training to students across the country.

Its products are being used by millions of students in India as well as in the United States and around the world, according to Kapoor.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Kapur said that Banzafb was an important partner in Banzai’s launch and he was extremely proud of his team and how well it has been able to deliver on its vision.

The company is based in Bengaluru and is based around two core principles: making learning fun and empowering students.

“If we can make the learning fun, we will be successful,” Kapoor told CNBC.

Banzab is also a global provider of online financial education, with services in India spanning banking, credit card, retirement and other financial services.

The team behind Banzai has been working on the platform for over a year and its main focus has been on making learning enjoyable and engaging.

“People love learning, and we have built an experience that is very easy to navigate and easy to use,” Kapur added.


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